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Montessori – Pikler Arch


Pikler Arch – Gym for kids, curvy board, climbing board, Rocking board


Looking for toy that your child will love for hours? This pikler arch or climbing board is perfect gym for kids,
wooden toy, especially if you like waldorf toys. It can be used as balancing board or curvy board as well.
It is great gift for kids.
Improve your toddler’s dexterity and enjoy one of the best creations in Montessori furniture with this
Montessori rocking board. Crafted from plywood and with a sturdy design, this wooden board is alternative
or addition to pikler triangle, climbing triangle or pikler dreieck is the perfect learning tool and gym for kids
for your preschooler.

If your little one loves to climb, then this indoor toy is just perfect for him or her! Give this climbing ladder
as the perfect accent to their Montessori bedroom and help them enjoy indoor learning experience to the

Side rails thickness: 1,2 cm
Rod diameter: 2.8cm
Climbing ramp thickness: 1,2cm
Pikler weight: 3,5 kg
Climbing ramp weight : 3,6 kg
Weight capacity: 70 kg

Birch plywood

ASSEMBLY: We attach simple instruction so you can easily assemble it.
SAFETY: We at all times suggest having adult supervision for extra safety of your child.
We cannot be held responsible for accidents.